Baden Infantry

Trying to fulfill the expectations of a german friend, i approached this first test of a Baden infantryman, i suppose that they wore long overalls on campaign, i tested also the headgear, which in my sources must have been shorter than the Jager ones.
Any comment is welcome

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Waiting for full production.


Now that's a dream becoming true! :-D
I'm truly astonished - and due to my books, I have nothing to argue about. Yes, the cascet helmets of the Jagers were higher in shape. And I saw that coats are rolled up and carried upon the top of the knapsacks on all my available pictures.

Therefore: a true piece of art again. One that fills up a really big gap in the 1/72 section of our hobby, taken into regard that Baden was one of the major German players in the lines of Napoleons' allies.

Can't wait to have these on my table. Really.