Lancers Gendarmes Masters Done

In between i realised these 2 sets depicting the Lancers Gendarmes, a unit with the unforgiving duty to repress the guerrilla and to punish the many deserters of the french coalition army. There is a set of 4 mounted gendarmes with a NCO, a trumpet and 2 gendarmes of which one is with surtout; the second set contains a mounted gendarme escorting 3 prisoners, a priest, a Spanish guerrilla man and a deserter. The 2 sets are by the moulding and testing phase and will be ready for sale next month.



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A great set!!
Will you produce more? I would really liek to have one.

On that note, I intend to make displays more lively and therefore I am looking for a number of single weapons, like swords, musketons, pistole etc.
Could you help me here? Can I buy a number of the items from you?
Best regards from Munich