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Jena : a poem

i just received this beautiful poem (in italian) by my older and mor beloved friend Stefano Bonfreschi, painter in Modena,

it is an honor to post it here.


JENA, 14 ottobre 1806 

la terra
era così nera
che pareva notte
e miriadi di pezzi
quasi come stelle
volavano nell’aria

fumavano i cavalli
e rimbombava il cielo
nella carica

ma io
rimasi indietro

quasi mi fossi rotto

sentivo sulla lingua
un denso gusto
di polvere da sparo e di sudore
che associai
per una volta ancora
con l'ultimo sapore
che ha 

la nostalgia 

Thank you Stefano

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Austrian Jagers Conversion

I finally made a long time desired conversion: The "Grey Devils", one of the best light infantry units of the Napoleonic Era, about them General de Ligne wrote: "You should not tell a recruit: 'I will make you into a jager !' You must instead take them from the forests. They know how to perch on a rock, how to conceal themselves in one of those fissures which open in the ground after a great drought, or hide behind a mighty oak. They make their way slowly and softly, so as not to make any sound, and in a such a way they can creep up on a post and take it by surprise, or shoot down the enemy generals." The conversion went more simple than thought, with Hat Austrian Line Infantry,  cutting the shako and adding a paper brim which upturn on the left side. The powder horn and the ramrod of the rifle, optionally shorten the rifle  and add its belt. 

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