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Tambour Major

Last w/e i had some time and i start this new set, 6 or 8 tambour majors in different outfits and poses, this is the first; i think it can be a nice subject for collectors and war gamers because in this scale it is quite difficult to find anything.


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1806 Saxon mounted officers masters finished

Here the final shot of the masters, i'm adding 1 more arm with cane which can be used for both the officers.

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Saxon Officers 1806 almost done

Here the almost final result, i will add 2 different right arms per figure.

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Saxon mounted officers

I'm sculpting 2 mounted officers of the Saxon Army 1806 which can be added to the HAT ones or other 1/72 saxons. I intend to sculpt a general and an infantry officer. 

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Austrian Hussars Masters ready

Finally i'm ready with the masters, 3  mounted command and 4 mounted hussars, 7 pieces in total, 2 with trousers, and the rest with hessian boots.The 7 horses are all different and i will add some spare arms.

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More Austrian hussars ready for production

Almost ready for production, i added 3 mounted hussars in order to have a command set and 4 privates.

Being these units my first casting attempt  almost 2 years ago i slightly modified also the others adding details and modifying the horses.

here the 3 new guys almost finished.

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