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Painted test cast

here the painted one

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The first test shots!!!!

Yes, the dream is close to come true !!!!  I had the first test shot in resin, and it is Fantastic!!!! Details and precision are the same as the original, so let's start with production. In the end of the month i have a meeting for the metal test casting too.

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First Pack Horse

Here the first pack horse of the Austrian Cavalry artillery, plus an artilleryman.

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Austrian Artillery Pack horses

Here the WIP of pack horses of the Austrian artillery

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Some new French Line Horse Artillerymen 1800

Here 3 new figures of the French Horse Artillery of the line 1800, i want to do 2 sets of seven servants each , firing and loading, and a set of mounted ones, plus some specials. here from the loading team: the  N.1 loader ,the N.3 vent servant  and the n.6 ammunition support.


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One Offs painted

As a start for the new year , I finally finished two "one off "pieces i started las year, two Austrian Hussars of the 3rd Rgt.; a small scene of rest during the campaign. All the pieces are concept and sculpted by me, and the painting too. The Captain has a Lipizzan horse, and the private an Halflinger, two austrian breed; I've  added to the scene two magnificent pieces from Andreas Hofmann which I'm finally attending to.

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Colonel of the french Carabiniers with cape

Testing heavy cavalry horses, i decided to make an other one-off to test some draping and metal paint. here the WIP.

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Hat Bavarian Infantry

Here some painted Hat Bavarians, I mixed the two boxes produced by Hat, and added the flag, i also added the schutzen with green plumet.

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