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Marins De le la Garde

Here my new project,... Marins De la Garde marching, Officer and drummer....

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Austrian Hussars Painted test shots

Finally due to the W/E i finished the test shots of the two sets of austrian Hussars.
Here in the uniform of the 2nd Rgt, Joseph Anton.
I must say i had a pleasure in painting all the details, although this is the set which was ruined and repaires so it is 90% of my aimed quality. the next sets will be 100%....
The sets are:
Austrian Hussars Command: 3 mounted figures
Austrian Hussars Team: 4 mounted figures
Will follow Austrian Hussars casualties :5 fallen hussars, 5 fallen horses


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French Horse Atrillery of the Line 1806 Second SetFranznap

Here the unfinished masters of the second set of the FHA of the line. Firing

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First painted test shots Austrian Hussars

Here the first pics of the painted ones, will follow more.
the figures are super detailed and also easy to paint.
fantastic experience.

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Spare Heads

I'm busy with sculpting spare heads which i will produce , It is funny to do and a fast job, and i hope to do all the headgears of the napoleonic periods, for the moment I'm busy with the french.

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