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Don Cossacks Masters Ready

Here a new work from the workbench: the Don Cossacks , here in 3 different sets of four figures each, charging, skirmishing and command. They ride light horses and have separate arms to bring multiple choices of pose. There are also additional spare heads to change them in Ural cossacks, or irregular ones. Will follow some more sets pillaging scouting ...... i am figuring out their poses now.

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Expanding range of the French Infantry 1812

I am working now to enlarge the range of the French Infantry of the line, for this reason i am making figures on firing line, casualties, with overalls, and several sets of spare headset go with it. These sets will be available in mid 2021.Here a small sneak preview.





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Hesse Darmstadt Chevalegeurs

This colourful unit which was wiped out in the last charge at Studianka during the Russian retreat of 1812 comes wit 2 sets of four figures, troopers and command, and can be combined with the Baden Hussars also produced by us.


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