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HAT Saxon Grenadiers

Bach from holidays took out from the bench these Hat test shots which were laying there from ages, i enjoyed painting again after months of sculpting, i think despite the bold appearance, these miniatures are nice to paint; i had particularly fun in painting the white uniforms trying to difference the shades of the different clothes and to weather them as in campaign..... it must have been a nightmare to keep clean and tidy white uniforms in that time, i not envy them! 

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Austrian Hussars Masters ready

Finally i'm ready with the masters, 3  mounted command and 4 mounted hussars, 7 pieces in total, 2 with trousers, and the rest with hessian boots.The 7 horses are all different and i will add some spare arms.

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More Austrian hussars ready for production

Almost ready for production, i added 3 mounted hussars in order to have a command set and 4 privates.

Being these units my first casting attempt  almost 2 years ago i slightly modified also the others adding details and modifying the horses.

here the 3 new guys almost finished.

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More horse artillery

Proceeding with the sculpt of these fellows, i started some mounted ones which will be set with cantering horses. Here some test horses which come from my production, (my system allows almost 1000 different poses). These mounted ones are slightly bigger (1mm) from the standing ones because i used as base some own caste spare bodies. I will recover the problem in the following.

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First sculpts of French Line Horse Artillery

I'm fulfilling a long ago desire, to reproduce the beautiful horse artillerymen from Lejeune, with their flamboyant  hussar style uniform, the one used since 1806/9. I would like to make a complete set with mounted ones and in loading aiming and firing action,  may be with some train horses cantering or standing..... may be i will be bored after a while.... who knows;anyway this will be part of my future production i hope.

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