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Here the masters of a new series of French Vivandieres, 6 figures in different outfits


Naked Horses and Spare Saddlecloths ready

For the next spring release we have ready for you 36 different naked horses, and a series of more than 20 detached saddlecloths to go with. The horses are divided in 2 groups, light and heavy, 4 poses per group, standing, walking, trotting and galloping, 4 horses per pose, plus a set of wounded and dead horses.The saddlecloths are for now the french ones, light and heavy cavalry, the British and Austrian ones, we are working on other nations too. It will be possible to choose both the nation an the pose and ass the riders.

Wurttemberg Artillery

Here the 3D prints of the Wurttemberg Artillery, we will soon adapt it for metal production and sculpt the figures around. All the sets will be released at the end of the year.


Bavarian Artillery Train Test Casts

The Bavarian Artillery with Manson Ordnance is ready for production, several sets with figures and guns. Here the Horse team with 6 horses and the Drivers or Fuhrwesen composed of 4 figures.soon available in the shop.


Lithuanian Tartars Scouting test painted

Finally the third set of Lithuanian Tartars is ready and in production, soon will be available for purchase. 5figures depicted in the uniforms of the 1813/14 campaign when they where already adjoined to the guides of the Gard.





Austrian Cavalry Artillery Firing, Loading and Command Ready

With the last set , the Command one, we have completed the Austrian Cavalry Artillery. Soon Available for Purchase.


Bavarian Artillery sets Masters Ready

Following the realisation of the Manson Ordnance, the masters of 7 sets are now at the producer for testing and moulding: 2 train sets, including a horse team of 6 horses, and a drivers team of 4 figures, plus 5 sets of light artillery, including the limber crew, the team sitting on the wurst, 2 sets manning the gun, loading and firing and a Command set including a wounded figure.


Lithuanian Tartars Scouting masters ready

Here the 3rd set of the Lithuanian Tartars, 5 figures on scouting patrol, or at rest.

Austrian Artillery Command Masters ready

The last 3 sets of Austrian Cavalry Artillery are close to production, here the last one, the Command Set with 4 figures, this set is going to testing and mould making in the next days, the artillery sets are expected to be for sale at the end of September.

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