New Austrian Infantry marching with helmets

Here the painted test casts of te Austrian Infantry, 6 Sets 3 for the Germans  and 3 for the Hungarians. For each group a command set with 6 figures, a troop set with 9 figures and a mounted Officer.


All About Württemberg Artillery

It is quite a time since my last post. So lets start with some recaps of the last months work. Here all the results of the Wurttemberg Artillery, a more than 1 year work , from the historical research, to the 3d sculpting and printing of the masters, to the masters adjustment for moulding, and the making of all the figures. A stunning result i dear to say.

Cavalry Days 20% discount

Valid till 31st May 2019, more than 60 sets available at 20% discount, not only the French Austrian and Baden cavalry sets, but also all the spare horses and saddles which can be used to mount other cavalry from plastic sets like Italeri , Zvezda, and Hat.

The Vivandieres are Coming !!!

Finally 3 sets of French Vivandieres are ready to go for sale , we have a set of 6 figures in different fashions, and a set including 2 figures with their carriage, and finally a mounted one feeding her baby, a limited edition in 100 numbered copies inspired by a painting of Albrecht Adam.


French Light Infantry at Ease

The new French Light Infantry, 1809 / 1812 will come in 3 sets , chasseurs  and command, plus a mounted officer, we produced also separate heads (see Accessories) to make Carabiniers and Voltigeurs. The figures are in at ease positions and some with shoulder arm position.  total of 14 figures and a mounted one.


November discount

Special Autumn Sale

Cold weather is coming....what nice would be to stay inside and enjoy our miniatures?

Civilians: Washers

New set is ready for sale in the coming days: the first civilians set, in this case 6 washers women with some accessories. Other sets will be further produced with camp followers and so.


Naked Horses are ready

Finally the 9 sets of Naked horses, plus all the spare Saddles are ready .



Les Blues are coming !

the new French Line infantry is ready for sale, in few days we will send the newsletter with pre sale offer. We have for now the infantry marching "a volonte'", 3 sets : fusiliers elites and command, plus a mounted officer, and we have the sets "at ease" also 3 sets :fusiliers, elites and command, plus a mounted officer.  Hopefully they will be released at the end of the month and will be delivered in July.







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