One offs from the workbench

Back again on business, i'm still not settled in but i enjoyed on some One Off pieces just for warming up again.....

Here a French Guard Foot Artillery officer , and an Austrian hussar welcomed by his dog.

The advantage of making unique pieces is that i have not to think about mold undercut and i can detail everything as i want.

It is almost 1 year since I started sculpting, and I learned a lot, may be i will post some of my experiences in this technique  if somebody is interested on.

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attitudes and poses of the figures are excellent, sculpture, superb...

continue this great work



Your sculpts are breath-taking, and so life-like! The hussar and his dog is inspired! I recently bought some miliput to do some more complex conversions, but am afraid of ruining the figures, so I would be very interested in your experiences in sculpting/converting figures.

Congratulations on your marriage, too!