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Austrian Hussars Skirmishing ready

Here the painted test of the Austrian hussars Skirmishing soon available in  the shop.

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Austrian Uhlans painted

Here the painted 2 sets of the Austrian Uhlans : Command and Troopers, 4 mounted figures each with detached and spare arms and weapons.


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Austrian Uhlans Troopers test ready

And here the tests of the trooper set. 4 mounted figures with detached arms holding the lances, and 2 spare cavalry guns. One figure is intended to be the second line, he is equipped with the carabine and has the lance hold on the left side.


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Austrian Uhlans Command test ready

hurrah !!! the first new sets are coming from the producer. Austrian Uhlans command , 4 mounted figures with spare arms. Trumpeter, private, NCO and Officer.


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Austrian Hussars Skirmishing master ready

Here a small set with Austrian Hussars shooting, I added an NCO to the initially 3 miniatures and the set is ready. The standing horses can be used alternatively with the FA-001 or FA-002 sets. With the addition of a set of casualties and a mounted colonel i think i covered enough for this unit.



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Austrian Uhlans masters ready

The Masters of the Austrian Uhlans are ready, they will go to the producer soon, and fit 2 sets in metal:

Austrian Uhlans Command 4 mounted figures + spare arms

Austrian Uhlans Troopers 4 mounted figures with detached arm

the unit is depicted in the uniform of 1809, but it can easily converted to the later one, the uniform accuracy is very high.



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Austrian Hussars now available for sale !!!

The first set of "Armies" is ready for sale !!!! The sets consists in 8 mounted figures, in 2x4 poses, which are casted from the same masters of their resin counterparts: only one figure is different . The detail quality is the same of the resin ones, thanks to the experience of Meister Schilling. Soon will follow the french lancers and some command figures. this set is very useful for war gaming purposes .

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WIP Austrian Uhlans

Some more Uhlans, and Work in progress...


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Austrian Hussars in Metal

From Master Schilling, the test casts in metal, first set of Franznap Armies, better for war gamers, the details are amazing. Soon for sale, will follow the french lancers.



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Austrian Hussars Skirmishing Masters

Here a trio i always wanted to do : Mounted Hussars shooting their guns, i made 3 typical poses : picking the cartridge, hammering the ball and shooting, for this last one i will add the bridles. Hope you like them.

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Austrian Hussars Painted test shots

Finally due to the W/E i finished the test shots of the two sets of austrian Hussars.
Here in the uniform of the 2nd Rgt, Joseph Anton.
I must say i had a pleasure in painting all the details, although this is the set which was ruined and repaires so it is 90% of my aimed quality. the next sets will be 100%....
The sets are:
Austrian Hussars Command: 3 mounted figures
Austrian Hussars Team: 4 mounted figures
Will follow Austrian Hussars casualties :5 fallen hussars, 5 fallen horses


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First painted test shots Austrian Hussars

Here the first pics of the painted ones, will follow more.
the figures are super detailed and also easy to paint.
fantastic experience.

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Franznap Miniatures Austrian Hussars test shots in resin

The two first sets of Franznap Miniatures are close to the start line, here the first test shots in resin.
The story of this sets is long, i first did some of them out of conversions, but after, when my skills developed, i re-sculpted them and sent them to production.Unfortunately  the  molding process damaged the masters and i had to repair them and find solutions of the technical problems which created that damage.
Now finally i could have in my hands the first copies ready for production. I will do it in both resin and metal, the sets in resin will have more pieces, as spare heads, arms, weapons and equipment.


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