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The Competition about the Davout miniature is in full activity, great works can be seen there .... i will add a special one off to the winner.

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Murat King of Neaples Limited Editions

Here the painted test cast of the second Limited Editions of Franznap Miniatures, King Murat depicted as King of Neaples, i used the horse from the Gros painting, and the uniform from other prints of his time in Neaples, you can see he is wearing mustaches, as i found in the portrait from the time 1812/14
Will be released in 100 numbered copies under the label  Limited Editions , soon available here.

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Marechal Davout

Here the rough photos of Davout, i made for the french forum Addict Figurines, as 1st anniversary of the forum. it will be produced as Limited Editions in  copies numbered and signed, 100 will be available by the forum, 30 copies will be available in our webshop.

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