Independent miniature producers

CW Toys:  the production of Tom Winterkamp you can find work of masters like  Frank Germershaus, Andreas Hofmann, MABO, Ingo, Ehmke...... 

Valdemar Miniatures : although is not my period of interest i must mention these guys Valdemar and Alex.... this is art pure art !!!!!

Croebern -1813 : no words .......


A good computer graphic illustrations divided per Army: Histofig

Les Uniformes de l'armee francaise by Leinhart and Humbert  Leipzig

German uniforms of the Liberation war by H. Knotel and M. Lezius

The Vinkhuijzen Collection of Military Uniforms : NYPL

Best uniform collections for good money : Uniformology

 From Biblioteque Nationale de France : Gallica


Research and studies on Napoleonic issues

The best research site in the web : The Napoleon Series

This is also a top one: Napoleon Online

A good website for sources and uniforms : Napoleon guide

Books and memories

The Editor of many memories of Veterans of the Napoleonic Wars : Casemate Books

Amazon a prepared link with literature about the Napoleonic Wars:  Amazon 

The dedicated publisher for military uniforms and tactics: Osprey

Websites Blogs and Forums

Benno's Figures Very high quality website and forum where you can find some of the best of our art

Borodino 1812 Chen's blog.....Keep in mind this guy and his friends...... you will see good stuff

Rafael Pardo For war gamers but also full of very smart conversions

FBminis  portugese blog by Francisco ww2 with own production

Armchairgeneral One of the forums where you can find the real experts in military issues, i suggest the Napoleonic Era one 

Hat Forum It is like a family to me....

Modellfiguren Online German forum with great works and informations 

Erik Trauner website of one of my ever favorite 1,72 masters.

Planetfigure " The " forum where are posted the best sculpting work in the web 

TMP the miniature page

Napoleon 1er french forum

Napoleon Online very accurate  (in german)

Napoleon Org PL Polish forum 

Mini Sculpture Miniature sculpting forum

Shops for soldiers and tools

Not only a shop, but the most high quality gallery and interesting informations ; great collection of flags: Fuhrmann-Figuren

My favorite shop online: you can find almost everything : Michigan Toy Soldiers

A french good shop and contribution gallery... lately not often updated : Soldats du 1er Empire

Art Miniaturen  Schmaeling 1/72 miniatures webshop

Brushes!!! I'm very critical on this item; it can make painting details much simpler and smoother, these guys have Kolinsky with short hair which keep better the precision of the stroke; they have an easy shop online (i recommend the watercolor ones series 106) : Borciani e  Bonazzi

Everything about modeling tools  tools ! Micro Mark

Informations and listing of miniatures

"The Site" for the 1/72 plastic military miniatures:  www.plasticsoldierreview.com

Italian site with good contributions but not too often updated:  www.soldatinionline.it

Toy soldiers producers

Hat the most prolific one from USA:  Hat Industries

Not the best sculpture but a lot of fantasy and poses  from Ucraina: Strelets-R

It's 28mm but what a quality!!! and good pics for tracing uniforms: Front Rank Figures

Other 28mm and again exceptional production Perry Miniatures