Franznap Production

Welcome to my 1/72 napoleonic production,my ambition is to sculpt some original pieces, and make molds with them, and may be... who knows ..... making a small production ,  here you will find what is going on

Neapolitan General Staff

French Lancers de ligne

Austrian Hussars

Neapolitan infantry

French Line Lancers Serie 2

Veliti a piedi della Guardia  Kingdom of Neaples

Austrian Hussars Casualties

Saxon Mounted Officers 1806

French Horse Artillery of the line 1800/1806

Austrian Jagers casts

Here the first casted group of four austrian jagers.

Casting Austrian Hussars

These are the images of the casting process of the Austrian Hussars;

I made the conversion of four hussars, 2 private, the bugler and the officer,

you can follow the process here


Unique pieces

Here  you can see the making of One Off pieces, i will concept, sculpt and paint them.


Here my horse production, i'm busy with a system which will allow to made different poses.

Starting with horses

Here my first attempt on horses, i made a long preparation with sketches and proportions, i must say that my problem is now in the right sculpting material, I'm not satisfied with the Greenstuff because it is almost impossible for me to smooth the surfaces, although is very detailed, i skipped Milliput because it is too bold for the parts like the legs.... but may be i will try it at once.... today i bought Fimo.....  let's see what it will come..... anyway here the first pics.


My first miniature sculpt

This is my first attempt on sculpting miniatures, i use Milliput for the main parts and Green stuff for the details, here a Neapolitan Army Guardia Reale  ADC and a Staff Colonel,my ambition is to do some more of the Neapolitan army under Murat.

stay tuned...